Pieces from nowhere to somewhere

Anything that reaches far, arts, photos and music


Capturing the moments of something live has been always within my mind. Using photography, arts, design, videography and music, Expressing ourselves is always about getting to the right people, who receive them in a proper and simple manner. Narrations come behind the representations. They follow the stories that are given, associated or pulled out of some other contexts.

No frame puzzle, the title of the website, means the transcendent state of construction with no clear goal, which should be defined by the pieces that consist of our everyday moments.

I have two themes about my creations. One is to define the people and things that attract me, and the other is to define myself by looking into myself being aware of the attractions. This is the journey of discovery, putting new lights on what we see ordinary, and making the new perspectives to think who and what we are.



  • Auckland, Waikato, New Zealand

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