pieces from nowhere to somewhere

Anything that reaches far. Photography, videography, design


No frame puzzle, the ongoing process of constructing visions, shaped with our everyday moments, determined with goals. We get pieces, but we are not given the order.

We are, and they are exposed and revealed through our own expression. Everything captured with a camera reveals the photographer's standpoint and perspective. We stand here, have stood and will stand on so many places. The moments we capture probably will never come back again as they are. This is the thing we record. We record ourselves.

Auckland, New Zealand is currently my playground. Perhaps, for a little while longer.



Heat of the nights

New Zealand

A series of photographs of people in their nightlife. This is about capturing the energy emerging in the nights.

Portraiture in destinations

Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand

The images of people are most attractive when you encounter something you never have before. Wherever I go, I pay attention to their appearances. This is an ongoing project, exploring the emotions and things going on in each place.

Depth of my surface

Where I am

Digging into the depth of myself has been becoming one of my concerns. How I appear as a social body is not exactly how I shed light on myself. The distortion through fantasies about myself, and the insights of myself are simply revealed by a set of words and visualization.